What can I do to help my Head Shaker?

Headshaking doesn’t mean an end to riding. Nose nets and other facial coverings have played a large part in returning many head shakers to normal function. They remain the most successful, preventative, home treatment for headshaking. A…
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What is Headshaking?

  Headshaking explained Maybe you’re just getting to grips with a new mount this spring or you’re bringing on your youngster.  Imagine your horror when you find your horse starts headshaking. Your dreams of being able to compete or…
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Headshaking - Common Myths Exposed

By Dr Katy Taylor, De Montfort University Head Shaking is not a single condition One of the most frustrating things about headshaking is that each case is unique. So, what causes headshaking in one horse may not be the cause in another. It’s…