Making summer more comfortable for your horse – here’s what horse owners are saying…

“It’s great to have a product that can be used on so many different ailments on different horses.”

New Skin Soother is a natural, calming and soothing gel that can offer relief to itchy, irritated, dry or flaky skin and the feedback we’ve been getting is great!

Your horse can develop skin irritations at any time of the year but summer can be really uncomfortable for sensitive horses.

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Here’s just some of the reviews we’ve had already


Heidi and Malika

Malika , a 5 year old 16.3hh WB x TB Skewbald Mare with a very successful inhand showing career, who stood Coloured Champion at Nottingham County Show as a 3 year old, suffers from Pastern Dermatitis/Mud Fever.

Malika had a swollen, hot fetlock and a 2 inch area of sore skin on the outside of her fetlock too.

Within 10 days, after applying Skin Soother twice daily, I noticed that it helped to improve the quality of the skin and new hair growth, while improving the smoothness of my own hands at the same time too!


Sarah Rees

I tried Skin Soother on Itchy, a 7 year old Arab, who suffers from sunburn. He tends to get scabby skin around the muzzle and nostrils.

After applying Skin Soother daily, I noticed that the skin is now feeling softer, looking almost normal and that the scabs are less hard. I’m still noticing positive changes daily to the condition.

“It’s great to have a product that can be used on so many different ailments on different horses.”


Fiona and Ariel

My Shetland pony, Ariel is a Sweet Itch sufferer and had some itchy and bald patches on her face.

I am delighted with the results of Skin Soother. I applied the gel twice a day and she stopped scratching immediately. And, after 10 days her hair had completely grown back


Diana and Shower

Shower is a 6 year old RSPCA horse  that I rescued as a yearling. He suffers from patches of his coat falling out. He also has a problem with the occasional area of lumpy skin.

Skin Soother was so easy to apply and didn’t irritate his skin. This is important, because he does have sensitive skin. Within a week of applying the gel there was a noticeable improvement and new hair started to grow in the patches. The most noticeable, and impressive, improvement was the area of rough, lumpy skin.

Sarah Chisnell

Here’s my pony’s nose before and after using the Equilibrium Skin Soother for just a few weeks. Before I used this product his nose was sore, pink, irritated and pealing in places, I had tried many other products to try and help him but they just didn’t make a difference, if anything they irritated it more. The Skin Soother immediately gave my pony relief.

I now use the Skin Soother for a multitude of things from itchy tails, small patches of flaky itchy skin, to sunburn and rubbed areas of coat. I have even been known to use it on my own sunburn!


Why not try Skin Soother on your horse and let us know how you get on! SPECIAL OFFER – £5 off Skin Soother when you buy any product from our Equi-Chaps range! Simply use the code WinterSkin5 at checkout. 

Key Stats from all reviews:

Did you notice a difference in symptoms? 91% yes
How quickly? 73% within 5 days (47% within 24 hours)


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