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Robyn and her horse Carnsdale Irish Times, ID x TB, 8 year old Bay gelding have been competing side saddle for two years and in 2016 was the supreme Hunter and ladies side saddle champion at Balmoral Show.

Robyn says, “We also took the show Hunter pony championship at Dublin horse show in 2016 and this year won the intermediate side saddle championship at Dublin horse show”.

Her other horse, Arctic Eclipse, 13 year old grey gelding has been competing side saddle for 5 years and regularly competes in dressage, showing, working Hunter, hunting. He’s a true all rounder. This year we won the newcomers Equitation trophy at the National Side Saddle show and have been winner’s of the performance points trophy for 4 years running

I regularly compete in side saddle competitions across the UK and Ireland with the main aim being to qualify for horse of the year show. I also have an Arabian horse that competes in various endurance riding events through the year.

Robyn’s Story

I am very passionate about horse riding, I first sat on a horse then I was 2 years old. 22 years later and the passion is only growing stronger. I love to try new things with my horses and aim to excel in everything I do. Throughout the years I have been Irish national endurance champion, top endurance race rider in Ireland, side saddle association area 21 best side saddle rider, overseas champion side saddle rider and have had numerous championships at various county and royal shows with both my horses. I have competed in eventing, dressage, show jumping, side saddle, endurance, hunting, hunt chases, showing, trec and all of which I have also done side saddle. Last year I qualified as a side saddle instructor and have been teaching the art of side saddle riding to students starting from as young as 6 years old. I hope to continue to promote my sport and encourage riders to carry out side saddle in a safe and correct manner.

My future goals /plans is to qualify my side saddle horse for the horse of the year show and we are already planning some qualifiers for next year. I also aim to gain my higher level side saddle instructors exam and aiming to compete for the title of side saddle rider of the year at the National Side Saddle show.


Why do you think you should be our next Rising Star?

I am a highly motivated and dedicated rider, no matter what discipline I take on I try to give 110% and most importantly I try to enjoy everything I do.

In previous years I have used Equilibrium products on my endurance horse to help speed up recovery during and after events no matter how long the distance and I have actually used those products on myself and has proved to be beneficial in promoting a speedy recovery. Since I started riding side saddle all too often I see riders using saddles that fit incorrectly and also riders who do not build up their horses correctly to use such heavy saddles. As your next rising star I would aim to encourage riders from all backgrounds including side saddle and endurance to use your products as a way to help promote strong recovery of horses muscles after competing over long distances and carrying such heavy side saddles. I am very passionate about promoting good quality products that can help prevent injury to horses and encourage quick recovery. While I have had great successes over the years I am also a firm believer in making the most out of a situation and ensuring that I enjoy every second of my equestrian career.


Congratulations Robyn!  We look forward to following your progress in the coming months.